Thursday, May 10, 2007

Earth to regulators: Investors don't care that much

Don't blame Chris Cox. He probably doesn't know any better.
Cox thinks investors will someday do their own interactive mutual fund research. So the SEC is working toward that end. See story here, and here.
Most investors never use interactive data. Researchers and journalists probably will, but not investors.
Investment success isn't found in the data. It's proper planning, savings habits and asset allocation.

China exclipses all asia in daily market volume

A tidbit confirming a trend: Chinese stock market volume exceeded all Asian markets combined--the first time ever--the Financial Times said in its May 10 issue. Turnover neared 50B on May 9. An analyst says 300K investor accounts are being opened every day.

Arthur Levitt: Merrill Rule big mistake

In 1999, Arthur Levitt's SEC created the "Merrill Rule." Levitt, after all, wanted fee-based business. So did Wall St. But not fiduciary liability. The Street asked for an exemption for fee-based brokerage accounts. Levitt's SEC gave it to them.

Now Arthur says it was all a terrible mistake.