Saturday, December 29, 2007

Buy Asian markets

On November 21, I warned about falling Asian stocks. At the low.

Go figure. Anyway, EPP is down a bit more since then, others like EWH, EWM, FXI and EWY have rallied. All are now at or above 200-day moving averages.

This could just be more bad advice, but I'd guess it's time to buy Asian markets.

IBD on tech stocks

Investor's Business Daily gives a run-down on some tech stocks--the strongest sector in the market. Tech companies have been “largely immune” to spending slowdowns. They are thriving on a favorable capital spending cycle and consumer demand for gadgets, the paper says.

Pro Publica ... picking up the slack?

Former Journal Wall Street Journal managing editor Paul Steiger reviews four decades of the publishing business. Next week he will become president and editor-in-chief of a nonprofit called Pro Publica, which seeks to make up for some of the loss in investigative-reporting resources caused by the “collapse of metro newspapers' business model,” Steiger said. Back in the mid-60s and onward, newspapers were “fearless in pursuing corruption.” No more.