Friday, July 31, 2009

Business Roundtable compares health costs, outcomes. U.S. fails

The Business Roundtable says other developed nations (governments and business combined), spend 63% per capita of what the U.S. does--and their populations are healthier.

... in 2006, the United States – including employers, employees, retirees and the
government – spent far more on health care per capita than did either group of competitors: $828 more per capita than G-5 countries and $1,654 more per capita than BIC countries. Both gaps areadjusted for per capita GDP differences and have expanded significantly since 2004.

Krugman--Why a free market in health care doesn't work

Paul Krugman says the idea that a free market in health care is accepted economic theory is bunk.

One of the most influential economic papers of the postwar era on this topic, he says, is Kenneth Arrow’s 1963 paper, Uncertainty and the welfare economics of health care."